Everyone wants to be a fashion designer.  Lately, more and more celebrities call themselves “designers” and launch new clothing lines. Being a designer is not easy, and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

I love celebrities and I understand that people love them and admire what they wear, so it makes sense to translate their lifestyle into a clothing line. Some celebrity designers are actually incredibly successful, such as Gwen Stefani and P. Diddy. I also think that their companies provide jobs for many new designers fresh out of fashion school, which is great. My issue begins when reality TV actors start calling themselves designers or just anyone, for that matter, with no concept of what it takes to get there and having fashion shows at the tents during Fashion Week. Do as you may, but to call yourself a designer it takes a lot of hard work, it definitely doesn’t mean, sitting in a boardroom going through designs, just picking the ones you like, calling it a collection with your name on it and attending the shows so you can be seen.  It takes hard work to get there.


Becoming a designer takes a lot of energy creatively, emotionally and physically. It also requires talent and education. Many designers such as Ralph Lauren started out in unconventional ways and didn’t attend school for fashion; he was more business savvy and mixed that with his talent and love for design. However, fashion is a very competitive business and education is a MUST.

LAUREN LAUREN ralph-lauren

Fashion school is incredibly draining. It is competitive from the time you get accepted and throughout your career. Recently my brother, who attends FIT for international business & trading, mentioned how he rarely sees design students because they’re always busy working. You can easily spend 16-24 hours ore more nonstop working on a garment that isn’t even finished. Eating and sleeping is not an option when you have deadlines.  In addition to all the projects and major related classes, which are incredibly labor intensive on all levels, fashion students, just like any other students, also attend academic classes. After graduation and countless unpaid internships, it is uncertain whether or not you will make it, and I’m not trying to sound discouraging, nothing is impossible if you really want it, but nothing worth having in this world comes easy and fashion definitely isn’t one of them. You work hard and because you love it so much, you just have to make it. All of it is also true for established designers, watch the Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton documentary and you’ll see what I’m referring to, and so for anyone to call themselves a designer with no effort whatsoever is a little disconcerting.


I have a lot of respect for entertainers, it also takes hard work to get there, just like many other careers and I dislike labeling but I wish people wouldn’t go slapping titles on themselves because they think is “in”. More often than not, fashion isn’t as glamorous as people  think.


Ultimately, fashion is a business and you have to make money. I do appreciate all my fellow fashion lovers and celebrity, designers alike, is flattering to love and be in such a coveted, creative business.

What’s your take on celebrity designers?




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