Everywhere where I go I’m always looking for inspiration. Even when I’m not looking for it, somehow it finds me. That’s why I always carry my camera with me.
Last year on a trip to my beloved city of Miami, we stayed at the Sagamore Art Hotel, a beautiful boutique all-suite hotel right on the ocean in South Beach. If you’re obsessed with art and art deco like I am, you would love the hotel’s location and lux feel mixed with the art vibe. The hotel features a rotating art collection from artists and galleries from the US and all over the world and includes contemporary art, photography and mixed media sculptures. Needless to say I was incredibly inspired by all the art.

One of their exhibitions is the Stairwell Project, a vertical gallery throughout a six story stairwell off the main gallery at the hotel. The gallery features contemporary artists who transformed each floor and combined their works into one harmonious piece of art.

This photo was taken on one of the hotel’s stairways and I just love the Surrealist feel of it. When I got back to New York I couldn’t wait to channel my inner Elsa Schiaparelli and design a winter jacket inspired by it. What is ironic about the jacket is that I also added a Chanel-inspired quilting embellishment on the shawl collar, thus joining two fashion rivals together in one garment. I love art and fashion, one always feeds off the other and when inspiration strikes you can do anything!

Quilted shawl collar, cowl sleeve jacket with Swarovski crystal embroidery.









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