I became deeply saddened by the recent wave of suicides among gay youth as a result of bullying across our country. It saddened me because I can’t believe this kind of mentality still exists, it saddened me because I can’t believe that we can do this kind of damage to one another.

We’ve made so many developments in technology, we are so connected, we have become so advanced in the way we do things, the way the world functions, but our mentality hasn’t changed when it comes to accepting individuals for who they are and embracing the diversity that is our world. Just when we think we’ve made a development and moved forward, we take ten steps back. For someone to be picked on to the point of suicide because they are different or because of their sexual preference is completely unacceptable and we need to take action to make it stop.

We were all made as different individuals in his world, and that is the beauty of it. If we were all the same, life would be monotonous and we wouldn’t learn anything new or experience different things. The truth is we are not all that different, we are actually the same, the same species, for the most part we function exactly the same way, we have blood running through our veins and equipped with a heart that feels and a brain that thinks. For someone to look at someone else and think that they less than they are because of the color of their skin, their social class or the way they were born is utter ignorance.

I don’t know what it means to picked on because I am gay but so many people close to me, whom I love dearly, have faced it at one point or another, it also saddens me to know that this is the world we live in currently, but I have faith that this can change. Bullying has been a problem for many years, it is portrayed as a normal, part of life in Hollywood movies and stories. Well, now we’re starting to be aware that it isn’t, is an epidemic that really affects people. I was happy to hear of the The It Gets Better campaign, which offers a message of hope to all the teens and adults out there going through the same experience. Finally teens can hear the stories and relate to so many that went through the same and that have successfully overcome it.

Everyone out there going through this needs to know there is hope and things do get better. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, if you have to. Life is precious and understand that you are valuable, beautiful and perfect just the way God made you! It Gets Better!

Check out the amazing It Gets Better video by Google!


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