Thanksgiving is upon us and I have to say it is one of my favorite holidays, is all about family and getting together.  I am very thankful as always, but this year I am specially thankful for the many accomplishments fulfilled and the opportunity I’ve had to finally launch my line and showcase my work. I am, of course, thankful for all my friends and family, supporters, believers and the many great people that have come into my life. I am thankful for health, life, love………ok, I won’t bore you with the rest as this can get pretty corny…[smiles].

Anyway, besides all those good things I am thankful for, I decided to gather a list of all of the things I am most thankful for style wise, after all…I love fashion so is only right that I share this with you all. So here it goes.

1-My first encounter with fashion as I tried on every single one of my mom’s clothes, shoes and makeup. I got into so much trouble for it, but it was all worth it.

2-Thankful for dressing up. I am truly a girl at heart so, heels, skirts, pearls, red lipstick and the whole nine yards, love it, love it all.

3-I am thankful for tweed and cashmere, silk and all natural fibers.

4- Of course, diamonds!

5-Finally, I am very thankful that pleats and the Ed Hardy trends are gone……hold on, or are they….?

Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m thankful for Christmas ornaments, I know that has nothing to do with fashion but they make me happy and I figured I’d throw them in there since I’m obsessed with them. Anyway, I hope whatever it is you’re thankful this year brings you much happiness, whether it is your grandmother’s vintage jacket or your new Lanvin for H&M faux fur jacket.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! don’t forget to say your blessings and unzip your zipper before dinner because who are we kidding, we all will need to.  Enjoy your holidays!!


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