I feel like I suffer from fashion winter blues. Having said that, I love my fabulous fall/winter wardrobe, but when record breaking storms and freezing temperatures hit, I get the urge to do only one thing, strip off all the layers of wool and escape to a warm destination! In my mind, I am always in some eternal sunshine bliss. If you’re lucky enough to get away, on your next trip to St. Barts, Thailand or Costa Rica, pack up the essentials and heat up your wardrobe with the latest Spring looks.

You can custom pre-order the Spring 2011 Paradiso collection at chabellanyc.com. You can even wear a few of the pieces now! Here are my favorite ones: wear the Maya blouse with jeans and a blazer to go out for drinks, or with a sweater/jacket and a pencil skirt for a classic look at the office. Wear the Luna dress with black tights for a fabulous, fun party look. I cannot wait to wear the new looks, stop daydreaming about paradise and get to shopping!

To order contact: info@chabellanyc.com and write the name of the item you would like to order on the subject line of your email.


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