Photography, as a point of inspiration, plays a major role in my creative process. Whether it’s a personal photo that I’ve taken, sometimes photos in the street of random objects, whether it’s a work of art, I always find beauty captured in the moment.

In search of inspiration, I recently visited the MoMA for their 25th year installment of the New Photography series, which ended yesterday. Curator Roxana Marcoci featured a plethora of photographs and artists who found inspiration for their work utilizing objects as raw materials. Two artists in particular caught my attention the most: Alex Prager and Roe Ethridge.

Alex Prager is a self taught photographer, who is inspired by pulp fiction, movie directors in the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and fashion photography. I was specially captivated by her short film titled Despair starring Bryce Dallas Howard. The film is inspired by The Red Shoes, a 1948 film about a ballerina whose obsession with dance conflicts with her need for love and it eventually leads her to suicide. It is an undeniably intense passage, however, what is so striking to me about this film and photography is the irony of the vivid colors that are used to portray such a tragic story, there is no somber feel to it, which somehow deceives you into thinking it will have a happy ending.


As for Roe Ethridge, I can truly appreciate his unconventional but brilliant approach to photography as well as his technique of shooting in what has been referred to as “editorial mode”. His inspiration is found by sometimes borrowing images already in circulation and even in his own commercial work that has been published in other contexts. I found his work to be peculiarly interesting; for example, the picture in which he depicts a Bed Bath and Beyond glass plate on a checkered Comme des Garçons scarf or a pixilated catwalk shot from the Chanel Spring 2009 lineup. I strongly believe that Photography should be free and effortless, capturing whatever it is you are inspired to convey, and his work genuinely embodies this concept.


For more information on this past exhibition and other current exhibitions visit MoMA.

I hope these works have inspired you as much as they have inspired me.




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