Every designer has a muse, personally, I have many. My muse isn’t someone I have imagined in my head, who has no real life or soul. I draw inspiration from my life and the women around me, their lifestyle and what they bring to the world. As part of my goal, I want to share with you every single aspect of my life that inspires me, along the way, introduce you to my many muses, first stop, Deidre.


When you first meet Deidre Nesteruk, your first impression is that she is pretty! Yes, I know, she is a brunette beauty of Italian descend with an even bigger personality. Her style is not frilly or pretentious, she spends most of her time in a t-shirt, her signature leather jacket and black denim pants, which today seem to have some sort of sheen to them. I like her style, it’s rock star and girly at the same time, but what I like most about my dear friend Deidre is how genuinely real she is.

Deidre started her career at the age of 14, she was scouted in NYC, and to much of her reluctance, because at that age, the self-described tomboy wasn’t into makeup, fashion or photo shoots, but nonetheless, with the support of her parents, she gave the business at shot. At first, as she puts it “it was like pulling teeth for my Mom to try to get me to go on castings, but once those checks started coming in, I was sold!”- who wouldn’t.

Since then she has worked with many designers, modeling for the past 11 years and currently represented by ONE Management. Reflecting on the duration of her career, Deidre says she is glad she chose this path, and appreciative of everything that it has brought to her and her life as well as blessed to be a part of this industry.

And when she’s not modeling for Polo Ralph Lauren, amongst other clients, Deidre is spending time with her boyfriend, Douglas Pickett, and their adorable, playful dog Hudson or flying off to Costa Rica for some R&R. In the middle of our lengthy girl talk over green tea and all kinds of organic, yummy goodies, I asked Deidre some fun questions about her style, who her heroes are and what she foresees in her future.

C-Who is your hero or fashion icon?
D-Fashion icon, it’s not that serious for me. Hero? My parents.

C-What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
D-That I’ve played the violin since I was 3 years old.

C-Who are your favorite designers?
D-Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, and Isabel Marant.

C-How would you describe your personal style?
D-Jeans, a t-shirt, and black leather jacket.

C -What trends are you loving right now?
D-I don’t really get into trends. I think that whatever you feel confident and comfortable in will show you at your best. Following a trend isn’t necessarily always going to work for what looks right on you.

C-What is one thing you never leave the house without?
D- My silver rings.

C-Favorite places to shop in New York?
D-Let’s see…Barney’s, Oak, Bess.

C-What single thing would improve your quality of life?
D-More space in my apartment! In NY space is a commodity, the more space you have, the better quality of life.

C-Any resolutions for 2011?
D-Not as of yet, but if one comes along I’ll let you know.

C-Describe Deidre Nesteruk in three words.
D-She loves life.





  1. I love love love your spring collection Chabella:) You are an amazing designer and so passionate and dedicated, I am proud to have you in our family:) Tell me when I can buy the exact dress in the crimson colour with the gold rope belt. It is so elegant:)

  2. Thank you so much for your support!! Truly means a lot, you can actually shop for the dresses now on special order and I’ll work directly with you, plus is family so we can deal with it personally, I think it would look great on you! :)

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