I apologize for the brief blogging hiatus. Life in the city can be so busy, which unfortunately, takes me away from the blog, but I have to say I love being busy. I’ve been working on new, exciting projects (some which I will share as they become completed) and working on the line. I have been going around doing some interesting things and will be posting up soon, also fashion week is here, and we all know for us -the fashion obsessed is like the most wonderful time of the year! Can’t wait to see the new fall collections.

I wanted to share this sketch I made sometime ago for a contest, because it is so meaninful to me. The challenge was to sketch something that represented what inspires me the most. While I love art, cultures and traveling, most of my inspiration comes from my life, love and my surroundings. I saw my life in this city and how busy it is, but at the same time how inspiring it is. We’re all just running around, going about our business without stopping to think how beautiful this city really is and how great it is to live here, so full of culture and diversity with a million things to do. While I don’t literally walk around with my tools like that-well sometimes- I sketched exactly what I saw my life to be like here…just a girl in the city following her dreams, living her dream. I guess that can sound corny, but I truly think following your dreams is vital for human survival, keeps you alive, happy and always looking forward to new things.

Until next time….


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