Spring has finally arrived, a brand new season! In that spirit, I am proud to announce that the Solara Kimono sleeve dress was picked as the winner of the Social Attire competition!!

It is an amazing honor to be chosen by customers directly and be a part of this innovative concept!

The dress was inspired by tropical travels and the Mayan culture mixed with the free spirit of spring. The juxtaposition of two unexpected colors captured in a versatile garment that emulates an easy but elegant vibe using beautiful soft silk with a vintage feel for a fun and sophisticated look.

Currently, the dress is being offered on the Social Attire site at an exclusive price for pre-orders while supplies last. Customers also receive free shipping when ordering.

Visit Social Attire to purchase or for more information and be sure to read my exclusive interview  on their blog.

About Social Attire

SocialAttire bridges aspiring designers and fashion-forward consumers from around the world using a modern, online platform. invites designers to submit dress prototypes and sketches after building personalized profiles. Consumers and fellow designers vote and comment on submissions over two-week periods. The dress which receives the most votes is sold on Consumers receive the original fashion they crave, and designers gain exposure in the fashion world and a portion of profits.

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