Happy New Year!

First post of the year, just the thought of a brand new year makes me so excited. I look it at it as a new opportunity to set bigger goals and do it all better; a new chance to finish any unfinished projects from the previous year or to start on those we didn’t get a chance to start. I am not big on resolutions, I prefer to think of them as goals, because goals have deadlines attached to them, and we’re less likely to give up whether or not our deadlines are for this year or the next.

I’ve been reading a lot of different books this winter, mainly a lot of poetry, and it has impacted my work in such a way that I have come up with so many different ideas and projects that I want to work on and incorporate these with the work I already do, so my goals are all about bringing these visions to life and growing on a personal and professional level. Needless to say, now that the holidays are over, I am very excited to start working on these.

Here are a few street style photos I took while in Milan last fall wearing my favorite vintage YSL jewelry and one of my spring 2013 looks. More of these on my Instagram @chabellagomez.

Wishing everyone an amazing year, full of love, happiness, health, success and prosperity!


Photo credit: Sherwin Salcedo, Mark Laurence, Dennis Lacerna.



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