ALIVE is about leaving behind all afflictions and starting new. “I Am Still ALIVE” it’s an affirmation about life, a new season, it’s about survival, whether it’s from the weather, a physical condition or from emotional distress.

At first, my inspiration was mostly dark and somewhat aggressive, then as time went by it became more subtle and forgiving, sort of like my mood at the time I was designing the collection. Aside from my personal experiences, one of my biggest inspirations to design this collection was the exhibition by Japanese artist On Kawara, titled “I Am Still Alive.” His work depicts a collection of daily telegrams from all over the world sent to his Dutch gallerist that proclaimed, “I Am Still Alive,” confirming that he was still alive at the time they were written. This simple statement touched me deeply as a powerful message about life’s conflicts and the human will.

There is beauty in self-discovery and reaching a breakthrough point, overcoming anything and everything.

As my previous collection, this one is not a large group of garments, as I want to showcase the most special and best pieces I have to offer from this particular inspiration and time. Seven looks that can be mixed and matched with everything currently in your wardrobe or with each other. Modern, versatile silhouettes. Simple lines, color-blocking, no fuss, subtle details, warm but not heavy and effortless elegance; all of my favorite things.

Photography credit: © Alberto Gomez


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